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KRYTAC - Adjustable Battery Stock

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Product Overview

The KRYTAC Adjustable Battery Stock is constructed of a dense high quality polymer and it offers more user friendly features than the standard stock The body of the stock features a small window so the user can see their preferred stock setting when used in conjunction with the KRYTAC Buffer Tube The butt plate is rubberized and textured to provide a solid foundation for the shooter when firing There are 2 QD sling swivel points on the stock Also the stock adjustment lever features two fins near the fulcrum which make removing and reattaching the stock to the buffer tube a simple operation Finally the battery compartment is designed to fit the nunchuck style battery in the tubes a stick type battery in the buffer tube and small LiPo brick battery in the butt plate cavity The KRYTAC adjustable battery stock come standard on the KRYTAC Trident series AEGs but it is also a worthwhile upgrade for other AEG platformsDisclaimer This product is for airsoft training and simulation purposes onlynbsp Utilizing Airsoft products improperly including in real firearm applications are potentially dangerous and may cause serious injury
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