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KRYTAC - Trident Metal Ball Bearing Spring Guide

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Our take: Krytac has introduced a new and innovative spring guide. This improved design is reinforced with 8mm ball bearings completely constructed of metal. The ball bearings surround the shaft enabling the spring to have freedom to spin while being constantly compressed and expanded. Allowing the spring to spin is vital to its health, as it can break with extended periods of use over time. This spring guide can be easily removed from the back of the mechbox, without separating the halves. The quick spring change facilitates the capability to fulfill the users preferences on different powered springs for any given situation.

- Composed of full metal material
- Includes ball bearings along shaft, allowing spring to actively spin, extending overall
   lifetime of springs.
- Kept overal weight of piston low to prevent future wear and tear.

Manufacturer: Krytac
Model: AEG
Material: Metal/Polymer

Package includes: 1X Spring Guide

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Stok KoduKTP-KA001-60
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