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Tek Parça Terazili AÇI ÖLÇERLİ Dürbün Ayağı 30mm/25.4mm SCACD-14

1.268,59 TL
FİYAT ALMAK İÇİN BİZİ ARAYINIZ. ( 0533 350 33 36 ) ( 0506 148 77 22 )

30mm ve 25.4mm göbek / Tek parça, AÇI GÖSTERGELİ, Terazili dürbün ayağı


This ADI is calibrated in degrees and cosines give you an instant read out which can enter directly into ballistic software program on your pocket PC or use with a pre-printed angle drop chart to achieve high accurate shooting.
The red needle moves with your rifle and displays a number that indicates the percent your rifle is off level. Multiply the indicated percent by the target distance to easily calculate the adjusted distance for gravity.
The bubble level which can be flipped to the side also allows you to have an additional indicator to achieve much higher accuracy. 
Angle indicator and scope level support long range precision shooting


Designed for real fire arms
The bubble level can be put on either side
30mm one piece mount skeletonized extra light
See-through style
Level and indicator were both center aligned during the assembling  
High quality 6063 T6 aircraft grade aluminum alloy
Including items: hex key, 25.4mm 1" adapter


1, If not satisfied with the angle indicator position, use the proper screwdriver to release the indicator screw and reset its position.
2,  If the bubble is not shown in the middle or is not vertical when it's on the left side, use proper screwdriver to adjust the tiny screw for different height.


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Stok KoduSCACD-14
MarkaVector Optics
Stok DurumuFİYAT ALMAK İÇİN BİZİ ARAYINIZ. ( 0533 350 33 36 ) ( 0506 148 77 22 )

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